Invest in MMX and in a sustainable future!

The MMX Journey: Driven by Passion and Opportunity

Our story began with a spark of curiosity. Having years of experience in selling German petrol cars, we stumbled upon something that changed everything – a Tesla Model 3.


Immediately captivated, we envisioned the future of the electric car market with Tesla.


Our passion for cars, coupled with a commitment to a greener planet, spurred us into action. In 2022, we acquired a few Tesla Model 3s and quickly noticed a gap in the market. Other dealers were pricing used Teslas higher than new ones, creating ample opportunity for us to grow and delight customers with unbelievable pricing.


The demand exceeded our expectations. It turns out, through this experience, we discovered that we are highly skilled car hunters and possess all the necessary skills to succeed in this endeavor.



The Growing Market of Electric Vehicles

In recent years, Europe has seen a remarkable uptick in electric vehicle (EV) sales, reshaping the automotive landscape. Government incentives and emissions regulations have fueled this growth, making EVs more accessible. Cities imposing restrictions on traditional vehicles further drive adoption. The expanding charging infrastructure addresses range concerns, establishing EVs as practical for daily use and long trips. Major automakers contribute to this momentum by introducing diverse electric models. Tesla is the only car maker to have its own supercharging network. This surge in EV sales in Europe underscores a significant shift in consumer preferences, aligning with the continent’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Looking ahead, projections suggest that this trend will continue, with experts forecasting a substantial increase in electric vehicle sales in the coming years. Leading that movement: Tesla, with the Model Y and 3 at the head as best-selling vehicles in Europe and the world.


Exploring Success

As of December 2023, we are proud to announce our remarkable sale of 180 vehicles this year, a testament not just to our current capabilities but also to our upward growth trajectory. Aligned with our commitment to scalability and excellence, we have judiciously reinvested a significant part of our profits. This reinvestment is aimed at enhancing our infrastructure, equipping us to efficiently and effectively handle increased volumes. Our financial strategy has been robust and self-sufficient, primarily relying on our own equity for funding operations. Now, to accelerate our growth and broaden our reach, we are initiating a fundraising campaign. It’s important to highlight that 70% of our operations are funded with our own equity, and our investments are securely allocated in vehicles under Tesla’s warranty. This strategy not only safeguards our investments but also offers a layer of security to our investors. Considering the widespread appeal of Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 in Europe, and our burgeoning recognition within the Tesla community, we assess the risks associated with this venture to be minimal. Our proven track record and strategic methodology place us in a prime position to seize upcoming opportunities.


Our Ambitions

MMX is rapidly gaining a reputation as a reliable and efficient car dealership in the Netherlands, Germany, and France, offering cars that are 20% cheaper than new ones and always cheaper than conccurents in based markets

We started by a focus on specific market segments to ensure quality service and avoid customer dissatisfaction.

Our approach prioritizes volume over profit margins, making a faster cashflow and vehicle rotation, minimising risks of keeping a vehicle decreasing in value and we’re innovating with customizable vehicles and soon-to-launch online configurators with a wide range of affordable options.

We’re expanding our reach in Europe, planning to open our own body workshop to offer cosmetic services to our client pool .

Currently, we estimate we are operating at just 10% of our capability. A key growth barrier we’ve identified is the need for working capital to purchase and stock the high-demand Tesla vehicles. By addressing this, we can significantly boost our sales and market presence.

Our Journey, Your Satisfaction

At MMX, our mantra is crystal clear: The client reigns supreme, whether King or Queen. 🙂

Our clients, often weary from their extensive search through the maze of car-selling websites, find a haven of satisfaction with us. They’re not just content; they’re delighted enough to share their experiences.


As for unsatisfactory encounters, they’re so rare we could count them on our fingers.

We firmly believe that every problem has a solution. Our aim is always to leave our customers feeling relieved and thoroughly satisfied. Our ethos is straightforward: if an error occurs, we take full responsibility. It’s our commitment, not our customer’s burden.


Join us at MMX, where exceptional service isn’t just a promise, it’s a delightful reality. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. 🚗👑👸🤴🌟

Let’s drive success together

We are reaching out to extend an invitation to be a part of our exciting venture in the automotive industry. At our car dealership, we pride ourselves on not only delivering exceptional vehicles but also on offering a unique investment opportunity.

As we strive for expansion and innovation, we understand the importance of securing our investors’ trust. That’s why we want to highlight the robust security measure in place for our valued stakeholders. The stock of high-quality vehicles in our inventory serves as collateral, ensuring that your investment is safeguarded. In the unlikely event of financial challenges or , these cars can be liquidated to refund our investors, providing a tangible and reliable safety net.

By investing in our dealership, you not only support the growth of a forward-thinking company but also secure a stake in an industry poised for continuous evolution.

We invite you to explore this opportunity with us, contributing to the future of sustainable with fun !

Our impact toward sustainable future

At our Tesla dealership, we take pride in not only in providing best quality for the cheapest price but also in contributing to environmental conservation. Recognizing the ecological footprint associated with vehicle manufacturing, we’ve implemented a proactive approach to offset our impact. For every Tesla vehicle sold, we commit to planting a designated number of trees, creating a direct link between our business and environmental stewardship.

This initiative not only mitigates the carbon footprint of our operations but also supports reforestation efforts, enhancing biodiversity and combating climate change. Through strategic partnerships with environmental organizations, we ensure that the trees planted are native to their regions, promoting sustainable ecosystems. As a result, our Tesla dealership becomes a catalyst for positive change, leaving a lasting, green legacy that extends far beyond the electric vehicles we offer. Together with our customers, we are driving towards a future where luxury meets sustainability, creating a greener world, one Tesla at a time.

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